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Services & Policies

To Call For A Ride. . . . .

Dial 653-8747 a minimum of 48 hours in advance to schedule a trip in county. Limited same-day appointments may be available.  For best assurance of scheduling your out-of County trips (Medical Only) call a minimum of two weeks in advance. Hearing impaired passengers can reach CTS by dialing the Ohio Relay Service at 1-800-750-0750 and asking to be connected with 653-8747.


Monday thru Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Office Hours: 7:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. The CTS is closed on holidays.


A cancellation is when a client calls the dispatch office at least two (2) hours before their scheduled pick up.  Four (4) cancellations in any thirty day period will result in denial of service.


No shows cause delays and denial of service to other passengers. A No-Show is when a passenger does not cancel and does not appear within five (5) minutes of the vehicles scheduled arrival at the point of pick-up. This is provided our vehicle arrives within our pick-up time service window of fifteen (15) minutes before or after the scheduled pick-up time. CTS charges no-show passengers as if the trip was taken. Two (2) no shows in a thirty (30) day period will result in the denial of service for thirty (30) days. Trips will not be scheduled until no show charges are paid. CTS provides demand response service door-to- door. It is offered to the general public of Champaign County regardless of age or income status, including those persons who use wheelchairs or other mobility devices. CTS is not an emergency transportation service. Those customers requesting emergency or semi-emergency needs, or those requiring transportation in a reclining position will be referred to the local Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

General Service

General service is limited to the confines of the boundaries of Champaign County. SPECIAL medical service within a 50-mile radius of Urbana is available.


Pickup time for CTS operations is a plus or minus 15-minute schedule. A passenger is to be ready at least 15 minutes AHEAD of the scheduled pickup time that the dispatcher has assigned; but our vehicles may arrive 15 minutes AFTER the scheduled time. This allows for a 30-minute “operating window”. Passengers should wait where they can observe the vehicle’s arrival.

Cost of your trip will vary because of several factors, such as age, disability, or distance. CTS offers reduced rates for elderly and disabled persons. Some trips may be provided for you at no cost through Social Service Title XX or Title III entitlement programs for those who may qualify. Contact the transit office for more information.  Specific rates may be found on the Rates Page of this web site.


Transportation of children (under the age or 18), must be arranged by the parent or guardian. All children age 10 and under must be accompanied by an adult. Infants and children under four (4) years old or children weighing less than 40 pounds must he secured by the parent or guardian in an infant car seat. These seats are the responsibility of the parent/ guardian and are to be supplied by them. Each car seat should be appropriate for the child it will accommodate.


Door-to-door assistance will be provided by the driver who will help the customer as needed. The driver is under no obligation to assist in the loading or unloading of packages. Passengers that require special assistance may provide a Personal Care Attendant to assist with special requirements. Personal Care Attendants will not be charged a fare. Drivers are not permitted to enter a residence.


CTS's policy is that all passengers wear seatbelts, unless medical reasons are provided. All wheelchairs/scooters are to be secured with a four-point tie-down, and secured with a seatbelt.


Passenger behavior expectations are as follows, and are not all-inclusive. *No smoking, eating, or consuming beverages while inside CTS vehicle * No disorderly conduct * No abusive language to any CTS employees or to other customers * No illegal, violent or seriously disruptive behavior * No willful damage to county property * Walks, steps and ramps must be clear of snow or ice. Transportation of animals is not permitted; however, service animals are allowed.


Packages must be carried by the passenger if physically capable to do so. No more than four (4) items (e.g., grocery bag, container of soda, bag of potatoes, etc.) will be allowed on any one trip. Only small sized packages that are not obstructive to other customers may be transported. Approximate weight of any one item shall not exceed fifteen (15) pounds. Any item over the four (4) items limit will be charged $1.50 per item. Personal Care attendants are expected to carry items for their friend/family member - not the CTS driver.


In the event of accidents, illness or injury, follow the instructions of the CTS driver.


In the case of adverse weather conditions, listen to your local radio station WKSW (101.7), or WPKO (98.3), for details concerning travel with the Champaign Transit System.